Take care of water quality during pregnancy
Take care of water quality during pregnancy
13 czerwca 2019
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What water to choose for cooking and what to drink?

What water to choose for cooking and what to drink

Seemingly, it can be said that a proper solution is tap water. If it is allowed for a public use, it should not be harmful. Maybe water from a home intake will be suitable? How it really is?

Tap water under scrutiny

Purifying water which is delivered to the home network is very effective. Water filtered by chlorine destroys many dirt and pollution. If we drank it before getting into our pipes in the houses, there would be no problem. However, pipeline installations are not fully operational – the water flowing in them is covered by a multi-kilometer route before it reaches our apartments. Rust, sand and heavy metals are only a part of the harmful elements that would get into the organism.

What is more, smell and taste of chlorine are not so pleasant. But, you do not have to resign from tap water- especially if we want to save money on plastic bottles from shops and support the environment.

Filtering tap water

A jug or a filter bottle are enough for water from our tap gains not only better taste but also to be more safe to drink. Cartridges or filters with activated carbon included in them eliminate bacteria and contaminants. From among a wide range of different filters on the Polish market, you can choose those that have the task of enriching water with additional portions of minerals, such as magnesium. For this purpose, it is worth getting acquainted with the products of the Dafi producer. Valuable minerals are not removed. That is why filtered water is ready to drink and it can be drunk also by children. Water from a home intake (eg from a well) also is not completely safe. The risk is posed by fertilizers used on fields, as well as various sprays, factory and rainwater pollution – absorbed water with pollution gets into the home wells.

In which water to cook meals?

In this case filtered water works great. It is often heard that filtering water sterilized it. It is not a truth. The aim of this process is to get rid of the excess of calcium that causes hardness of water. Filtered water is the salvation for the heaters of our kettles. Water without the calcium will be free from sediment that forms a stone on household appliances, thus not shortening their usability.

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