What water to choose for cooking and what to drink
What water to choose for cooking and what to drink?
17 czerwca 2019
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Vacuum containers – how to store food cheaply

dafi vacuum containers

What connects holidays, special events and buying „on stock”?- tones of food impossible to eat. Usually it ends up in a bin or we give it to animals if there is no meat, bread or its derivatives. Expired yoghurts, ham, fruits are only a drop in the sea of 2 million tons of food thrown out by Poles during the year. And there is a way to extend the usefulness of the purchased food – vacuum packaging.

The role of vacuum containers

A convenient product of vacuum packaging are vacuum containers. They have different size so we can easily adjust them to our needs. Their aim is to keep food and extend its freshness. On the Polish market a very good offer has the Dafi producer. Dafi provides a wide range of products if it comes to their capacity and each of them can keep different products.

Dafi vacuum containers

The smallest, half- liter container is intended for vegetables and fruits. We can easily fit orange or lemon slices for beverages in it. It is also appropriate for salads. Cost- around PLN 30. Second as to size with an unusual capacity is a container 1,3 l. Coffee, tea, pasta, delicacies and dried fruits will fit in it. Several containers of such capacity is a practical solution- on hand we have many necessary additions, as well as the main ingredients of dishes, from oatmeal to pistachios, and even sweets.

We can use vacuum containers also outside the house. Vacuum containers as boxes for sandwiches or snacks will make picnics and outdoor meeting easier. Semi-finished products such as vegetables and cheese will fit into them. Their capacity is one and a half liter. Dafi launched on the market a container 2,7 l. Storage of meat,roast and fish is no longer a problem. It will also deal with cakes, for example after a wedding party.

Accessories for vacuum containers

For the vacuum container to work, an air suction pump is required. Dafi offers two – manual and electric. The second one has a built-in battery that does not need frequent charging.

The time needed to suck the oxygen from containers is 3 seconds.

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