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Take care of water quality during pregnancy
Take care of water quality during pregnancy
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The role of water in the organism

The role of water in the organism

Daily demand for rehydration of the organism is about 2 liters. But, a lot of people do not care about this issue from many reasons. It happens mostly up to the time when our organism itself asks for attention. It is worth to get to know what is a role of water before we feel the consequences of its shortages.

The body is like a flower – it needs to be „watered”

Without a proper rehydration the condition of eyes will worsen, our joints will work worse. Water moisturizes mucosa. It also slows down the aging process. It is important to supplement liquids, because during the day water is excreted in large quantities from the organism. We sweat, breathe, and give our physiological needs. If negligence in drinking water occures, our body will feel it. The big consequences are: hair loss, dry skin, weakness, digestive problems, long-term illness.

Water regulates body temperature. During fever it is a great way to lower it.

Nutrient solvent

While chewing the food, water contained in saliva makes easier to form bites suitable for swallowing them along the gastrointestinal tract. It stimulates digestive juices and is responsible for the distribution of nutrients. The role of water is also inhibition of putrefactive processes that take place in the small intestine. Water purifies organism from toxins. It is important to take care about its quality. Drinking tap water is connected with a risk bacause it passes through pipes which contain heavy metals, rust, sand and microorganisms. Purifying it does not require a lot of money. It is enough to filter it with an appropriate filter, eg carbon – you can find it in the Dafi producers’s offer. Healthy, clean water is essential for the work of many organs, including kidneys.

It influences our mood

It might seem to be unreliable, but a proper rehydration raises the energy level and it improves the mood. Purified, deprived of toxins organism functions better. Minerals supplied in water answer, among others for good work of the circulatory system. Drinking coloured drinks – i.e. sweetened ones – slows down the metabolism, which can lead to an increase in body weight. And it is really close to a bad mood. If the taste of „pure” water does not motivate you to reach for it often, try the mix – adding a few slices of lemon, sage or mint leaves should help. In this way, we will get healthy, sugar-free flavored water according to our own taste.

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