The role of water in the organism
The role of water in the organism
6 czerwca 2019
What water to choose for cooking and what to drink
What water to choose for cooking and what to drink?
17 czerwca 2019
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Take care of water quality during pregnancy

Take care of water quality during pregnancy

Daily quantity of water consumption is about 2 liters. In the case of pregnant women it is much more- even twice. The organism is working differently and it needs additional care, that is why, apart of a proper quantity we have to take care about the quality as well.

The need for water during pregnancy

Dehydration of the organism is connected with poor consequences- dry skin, constipation, infections of the lower urinary tract. Therefore, it is more important to take liquids during pregnancy because the „issue” affects at least two people. This also applies to the period of breastfeeding when the child takes over most of the food from the mother. Water is an ideal solution in the case of nausea and edema. It dissolves solids and provides vitamins and minerals to cells. It gets rid of toxins, the accumulation of which is associated with unpleasant ailments.

In the interest of safety, future mothers should beware of tap water in which chemical substances and impurities are found.

What should mothers- to- be drink?

Sparking water is advised against. The unnecessary carbon dioxide contained in it stretches stomach walls, so that the brain reaches the message that the desire has been satisfied. As a result, there is a risk of dehydration. Flavored water is also not a good idea because it consists of preservatives and large amounts of sugar. It is recommended to consume mineral or spring water. But, if the purchase of such water is easily accessible, it is connected with high costs and the need to lift heavy multi- packs, which is not recommended for a pregnant woman.

What are the alternatives? Filtering products

Drinking water strengthens immunity. It is connected with maintaining pregnancy, because fetal waters are a natural environment for the fetus. Good and convinient idea for future mothers are filtering products. Reuseable filter jugs or bottles are not a big cost-  replacing filters is about  PLN 40 a month. For filtering tap water may be used because a filter with an active carbon will deal with purifying liquids from harmful substances and also from chlorine, which worsens the taste of water.

There are many products of this type on the market. Our attention should be paid on a Dafi producer, which in its offer has filters enriching water with minerals, which for pregnant women are an essential component of the diet.

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