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The role of water in the organism
The role of water in the organism
6 czerwca 2019
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How to fill Dafi bottle?

dafi bottle

More and more of us care about proper rehydrating of the organism. It is highly important in a holiday period when we  we expel a lot of sweat and we should supplement the lack of water evaporating from us. Dafi bottle are in many shops and that is why they are easy accessible and adjusted to our needs- they occure in many colour and capacitive versions.

What to use to fill the bottle?

A filter with an active carbon contained in a bottle is designed to purify water from impurities, sand, rust, microorganisms, chlorine. It can deal well with tap water and this kind of water is recommended by a producer. Cost of filling the bottle is little in comparison with plastic bottles from shops. Against all myths, filtered „tap water” does not need to be cooked before consumption. We fill the bottle with cold water and that is how we drink it by a mouthpiece. A producent suggests that instead of sucking water, squeeze the bottle for better filtration. The material is so soft that even a smaller child is able to do it without any obstacles, and at the same time nothing will happen with the bottle.

The first filling of the Dafi bottle

First of all, every element of the equipment should be washed or rinsed. A bottle should be washed manually – a temperature in a dishwasher could damage a product- with a dish soap. Pouring water twice and finally pouring it through the mouthpiece (water can be used to water the flowers) is one of the last steps. Finally, the producer recommends setting the time indicator, which will remind you to change the filter in 4 weeks from the first time you use the filter. Other Dafi products, such as a filter jug, are equipped with an automatic button that resembles the filter replacement date (yellow – the time to buy a new filter is approaching, red – the day when the filter needs to be replaced.

The prepared bottle can be filled with tap water.

How does a filter in the Dafi bottle work?

Its task is to purify everything what has got to water during its flow through pipes, as for instance rust, sand and other microelements invisible to the eye. An active carbon works as a strainer that stops unnecessary impurities and it leaves water clean and tasty. Noteworthy is the fact that the smell of water is also improving, which in the waterworks is filtered with unpleasing smell of chlorine.

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